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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thereis power, power wonder working power!

A man/woman with the power of God to guide them by the word and faith of prayer can not be over powered. The world may bruise and even bleed them but they will never be defeated because they will gain victory in Jesus and His promise. Those that know Him will stand before Him and those bloody bruises from victory will be wiped away as you enter His arms

We MUST forever be faithful by praying and believing that which we have not yet seen. Faith can truly move mountains.... Those mountains are the many obstacles we will have in our lifetime. I know this to be true as God has move many mountains in my live. He daily renews my faith in Him by His word and answered prayer.

Too many go through life in torment when relief is just a prayer away or a up-lifting verse from His word. When was the last time you and your Family had prayer together????

Find God and I promise you the peace I and others know. PoP