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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A testimony

A testimony

Seven year ago I was diagnosed with a form of untreatable bone cancer "Chondrosarcoma." I was told I had 2-3 years to live and would have extreme pain that would build as the cancer moved to my organs. I have out live that prognosis by 4 years, but I do have pain that worsens with time.

I know prayers of Family and Friends are part of my perseverance but. I also know I'm on our Lord's time table and He's keeping this old man around for a reason. I have put my spirit in His hands and await His command.

I do not need or want sympathy as the Lord provides and the pain medications help greatly.... I am now addicted and unashamed.

I praise God in all things and except His will and know I am ready when He calls.

God bless all of you that have and continue to stand by me with prayers and love.

Brother PoP

Take My Hand, Precious Lord, Take My Hand.